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Best drug detox pills on the market | Do they work?

I have recieved questions regarding drug detox pills many times, I prefer to use synthetic urine or drug detox drinks because they are cheaper, faster and do not require any preparation, but the main reason I prefer these product because I do not want to get clean I just wanna pass the damn test, and I know I will light a joint right after the test.

However there are people who are too paranoid to use cleansing products or fake urine for drug test and there are other who actually want to get clean and stop smoking weed. For this here drug detox pills review.

What are the best drug detox pills?

If anyone ask me about detox pills for drug test I always recommend Toxin Rid I recommend it because its good and I know it works, not because I get some comission. Toxin rid is the only detox pill on the market what actually helps you to get rid of THC and other drug metabolites.

The best thing in Toxin Rid is, that its fast, its much faster than other supplements. Some detox capsules require at least two weeks before you see any results (results are not guaranteed of course- no money back).

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What is the best detox program of Toxin Rid

Toxin requires 7-10 days for the best results, but they also have 5 days detox program, I wouldn’t suggest anything under 5 days, because its not enough. You can use Toxin Rid’s one day detox program as a supplement for your detox drink (Mega clean, rescue cleanse). Toxin Rid 10 days detox is the best value for the money, if you feel 10 days is not enough because you are a hardcore smoker, then you can purchase extra days on discounted price.

To enchane Toxin Rid’s effectiveness I highly suggest to start a natural daetoxing plan in the same time, which contains: Healthy diet, doing exercises regularly and drinking as much water as possible. These will help you to get rid of THC much much faster than with just Toxin Rid. If you are looking for some more info you can check out some Toxin Rid reviews. Its not a paid review, I highly suggest you to check out their site because its legit and the owner is an admin on various marijuana forums.

Worst drug detox pills – Products you should avoid

I really don’t like to trash products, but there are a few what are plain terrible, you will never pass any drug test with thos drug detox pills. They shouldn’t call them detox pills, green supplement of something like that would be better. These are jus t simple herbal extracts, they might be good for your health (or not), but they have nothing to with detoxing. These products also encourage you to do your own natural detox, but the reason is because they hope that you will detox yourself alone without their magic pills.

There are a few brands what failed so many times, but for some reasons they are still available to buy, these are the following drug detox pills:

  • Total Herbal cleanse THC
  • Ace Rapid detox
  • Alple Clear
  • Power Flush
  • Recovery clear
  • Herbal Clean premium detox

Avoid these products at all cost. You should also do your own research do not rely on my detox pill reviews only. YOu can watch youtube videos or read marijuana forums where other drug users share their experience. In my next article I will review a few detox drinks or we can call them “cleansing drinks”.


Welfare is Unfair: It’s My Money!

Drug testing welfare recipients seems like the place to start. Doesn’t it seem odd that a majority of companies require passing drug tests before they will allow you to come to work for them? But we as a working society allow our tax dollars to be distributed to welfare recipients without proving they a free from drugs.

drug tetsing Welfare
Does this seem fair? We work for our hard earned dollars and then give our money to pay taxes so the government ,can give it to drug abusers, who are not even required to pass a drug test.

No, not all welfare recipients use drugs, but there are those who are abusing the system and we as society allow it. I feel a standard ,random, periodic drug test should be required for any recipient of of money earned by the working class.

We as a society should band together and have a law passed to protect the money we earn.

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How Cannabis Cured My Chronic Christianity

I can sense your reaction to the title of this article before even having finished this first sentence. I can sense you reaction to the article as a whole as well. This is not because I am psychic. It’s because you fit into one of two categories. Yes, that’s right, two categories. Those who live their lives with good, old fashioned Christian faith and those who care not to. I have been both. I am currently the latter.

Let me make this clear. I also care not to smoke cannabis leaves anymore–I simply don’t need them. Just as a schizophrenic simply does not need old time religion. Nor does a schizophrenic need this new-fangled, bury-your-head-in-the-sand, unless-you’re-worrying-about-the-end-times, religion. In fact, skip the fact that I’ve been an impressionable schizophrenic for over eight years. Nobody needs a head full of armageddon. Thankfully, the cannabis flowers saved me from waiting for the afterlife to have a life.


I was, for close to a year, duped into believing a multitude of things. I invented some other things based on these new concepts that I had carried home from the sanctuary. I was told that it is normal to hear the voice of God speaking to you. Perhaps it is in this brave new world of ours. Or, maybe, just maybe–wait for it–this version of God is what parents refer to as an imaginary friend when it speaks to children. Despite the assurances of my pastor that this inner monologue was so ordinarily normal, I began to suspect things when my mind kicked in again.

This is not meant to be an assault on the Christian Tradition of Worship. Instead, take it as something to think about. Let me say this much to all of the Christians of the world: You may be right. The converse is that you may be wrong. I assume neither side. The mathematician Blaise Pascal came up with a logical proposition to support an otherwise unsupportable absolute belief. You’ve probably heard it.

Paraphrased, it reads a little like this: If you believe in God and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, and you turn out to be right, then you stand to gain everything in the afterlife. However, the logic does not stop there. Pascal also posited that if you choose not to believe in the Christian version of God, you stand to lose everything–in Hell. Modern Christians have adapted this seventeenth century gambit to apply to their god, because it is a convenient way of explaining faith.

If only they all understood the implications of the gambit–Pascal left room for the possibility that their IS NO GOD. Most people seem to overlook this–much as they almost always seem to misinterpret Occam’s Razor–that the simplest solution is most often the correct one–to benefit whatever impossible point they are arguing.

I know, this is beginning to seem like a crash-course in logic. Sometimes that’s what it takes to live life, however. Everyone uses some form of logic to interpret sensory data and make decisions upon which to act. For example, if you told me that we were living in a dream, and seriously meant it, I might punch you in the face, not because I am violent, but because my personal conclusion to this logical conundrum is to prove that, if we’re all living in a dream, then at least we’re in it together. Actions still have consequences. Therefore, if we are dreaming, it’s a dream in which it hurts to be punched in the face.

Christianity has adopted the philosophy that we live in a world subordinate to the real world. I call that a dream. However, in this dream, consequence exists. So, what you do actually matters in this life. Keep that in mind, if for no other reason than to avoid punching people in the face.

You’re probably wondering how a guy who knows what a Narthex is (yes, I was a Lutheran for a short time) has come to a pass in his life where he actually has begun to evaluate things based on their tangible attributes.

This is of course in contrast to evaluating things based on what they will do with regard to an afterlife. The afterlife, of course, being the life after you’re dead. Think about that for a moment. When does life become afterlife. Shouldn’t they just call it life. If you never die, then why all this semantic hullabaloo? It would appear that someone, at some time, decided to delineate the two stages of life. Short life and eternal life. But even they must have had their doubts, as they would not have called it an ‘afterlife’ if they did not believe that they were living life.

So, here’s the point. Altering your mind does not necessarily require chemical additives. It can be achieved by a person, or persons, feeeding you ideas on a consistent timeline bounded only by the bookends we call birth and death. And even drug detox pills don’t work…cannabis is different.

I recall the progression from agnostic to Christian vividly. I will not discuss this in this particular article. Suffice to say, for me, it was akin to brainwashing–especially with my being a paranoid schizophrenic. This, however, is not a requirement for brainwashing–it just makes it a little easier and less time consuming. I have lived the accelerated model of conversion to Christianity. I have also chucked it aside. What caused this. You got it? Mind alteration. Because, that, my friends, it what it is all about.

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Michigan Medical Marijuana Patient’s Perspective

Recently medical marijuana dispensaries in Michigan were raided and shut down by local law enforcement. A number of issues are now at the forefront of the debate. Proposal 1 which legalized medical marijuana in Michigan was only the first step. Now that it is clear the citizens of Michigan have compassion for patients. However, the question is just how far does that compassion go?

The first issue that every citizen should be concerned about is the fact that police were caught on video reading confidential medical files. This is a violation of the laws which protect patients’ medical records. The second issue is asset forfeiture laws which allow police to rob citizens at gun point, take their property and sell it for profit, without ever charging them with a crime. There are rumors that police agencies fund the majority of their budgets through this practice.

Citizens need to be informed of the threats patients face due to the fact that this is still considered a moral issue. Many people are not comfortable speaking up about this issue because they fear retaliation. Those who do not understand that marijuana is a proven medical therapy are holding on to an outdated sense of moral superiority.

If a patient with children speaks out on behalf of medical marijuana their parenting is called into question. If they hold a professional position they fear the possibility of loosing their job because of their medical condition and chosen treatment.

It is unfortunate that medical marijuana is viewed as a moral issue. The fact is that the moral objections no longer have any basis. The big secret the opposition doesn’t want you to know is that science proved the medical value of THC many years ago. Solvay Pharmaceuticals manufactures Marinol.

Marinol is an extremely expensive detox pill which a doctor can prescribe for patients who have problems with nausea; usually patients who suffer from cancer or AIDS. Yet doctors who would have no reservations prescribing Marinol still object to supporting marijuana because of the moral repercussions they may face from a career standpoint.

The vital fact few people know is that Marinol is synthetic Delta-9-THC. If this does not convince you that marijuana or more specifically its active ingredient THC are of great medical value then you simply don’t want to see the reality. The reality is clear; marijuana helps patients who suffer from serious illnesses. The key benefits are two fold; first, it helps to relieve nausea and second, it helps patients to take in food which is important for maintaining a healthy weight. A number of studies have proven the medical value of marijuana.

My experience made this clear to me. After returning from surgery, I weighted only 98 lbs. Marijuana helped me to gain 20 lbs within two months which would not have happened without some type of medical assistance. Previously, doctors had used TPN which is a formula or medicine feed through an IV in order to help gain weight.

Using medical marijuana rather than TPN is a much more natural and safer method. TPN has many dangerous side effects which is why marijuana was the safer option.

My experience, education, and research give me the unique ability to provide a first hand account. I have spent many years studying this issue and I can say without any hesitation that medical marijuana is a vital treatment for patients with illnesses that cause extreme weight loss. I feel that it is my calling, my responsibility, and my moral obligation to share with the world the truth about medical marijuana.

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Marijuana Should Be Legal in the United States


Ever since I was little kid the people around me have always talked about how marijuana is bad and to stay away from users. Today when you turn on the news that message is cloudy to say the least. There are countless movies with references to smoking marijuana, numerous celebrities that openly smoke the drug and states pushing to make it legal. Studies have shown that over 83 million Americans have tried marijuana at least once and that at least 12 million regularly smoke the drug. With all these statistics is our country missing the boat on a great opportunity to make marijuana legal?

One of the biggest arguments is the fact that marijuana has been proven to be less harmful than other tobacco products and alcohol as well. It is also worth noting that studies have yet to prove any addictive measure in marijuana while nicotine in cigarettes is extremely addicting.

I just find it hard to swallow that marijuana is illegal because of the dangers even though studies have proven it’s less dangerous than alcohol or cigarettes? Perhaps the fact that weed can be easily grown and used in people’s homes is the reasoning as the government is afraid they may not be able to regulate weed.


If our government could regulate marijuana then they potentially could bring in as much as $15 billion a year in profit from the drug according to some sources. It is estimated that our country spends over $7 billion a year on controlling the drug anyways. Imagine all the time and money this would save our country to spend on other issues. All the money our country is spending to support people in jail for weed would go somewhere else.

All the money and time spent tracking, arresting and prosecuting people for weed could go to better use. Of course there would be limits set on the drug starting with an age limit and other regulations.

It is possible that the legalization of marijuana could help our society. How many people go to buy marijuana from underground drug dealers right now and get exposed to other drugs in the process? In our society many good people get a negative image because they like to smoke weed.

The only difference between these people and smokers and drinkers is that they are breaking outdated laws. If you remember at one point alcohol was illegal as well and people came to their senses and realized it was a pointless law. I’m sure the millions of Americans that are currently smoking weed or at some point used to smoke the drug think it’s a silly.

I just look at the numbers and fail to see a single reason why marijuana shouldn’t be made legal. Judging from the studies it doesn’t look like our country is doing that great of a job keeping people from smoking it anyways. If that is indeed the case then why not make it legal and regulate it? Also drug testing should be stopped immediately in the states.

If people are gonna smoke it then at least make it safe and profitable for our country. I would love to hear some feedback on making weed legal so feel free to comment or ask questions below. Just for the record I’m pushing to make it legal but I do not smoke weed.

Weed Legalisation

The role of legalisation of weed in every country

Legalised weed is a dream to residents of many countries worldwide today.  If you reside anywhere in the world and wish to buy a package of weed legally, then you have to take note of several things before weed shopping. A legal status of the weed in your nation is one of the foremost things to keep in mind while accessing a reliable store in online to buy weed. There are many factors affect the weed legalisation these days. Some of these factors are law, politics, business people and black market.   Once the weed is successfully legalised in any country, residents and businesses flourish beyond doubt.

A good improvement in the overall revenue in a country that has recently legalized the weed is a leading reason behind the ever-increasing interests of neighbouring countries towards the legalization of weed without delay.  New taxes can be applied to sale and distribution of weed when a nation has legalized the weed. Even though weed is banned in some countries, residents in these countries illegally buy and use weeds. Illegal users of weed nowadays suffer from a wide range of problems like an expensive price for an ordinary pack of weed and doubts about whether law enforcement suspect them for using the weed. They can throw out all these unfavorable things when the weed is legalized.

The personal freedom plays an imperative role behind the use and ban of any product or service.  Every person has the responsibility to identify what harms them or not. Smoking weed is not recommended when people excessively use it for recreational purpose. However, banning weed is unhelpful to individuals who require weed for medical purposes like treatment of lung disorder.  Once the weed is legalised, terrorists cannot earn from weed sale and increase the possibilities of any kind of attack in the peaceful community.