Drug detox

Best drug detox pills on the market | Do they work?

I have recieved questions regarding drug detox pills many times, I prefer to use synthetic urine or drug detox drinks because they are cheaper, faster and do not require any preparation, but the main reason I prefer these product because I do not want to get clean I just wanna pass the damn test, and I know I will light a joint right after the test.

However there are people who are too paranoid to use cleansing products or fake urine for drug test and there are other who actually want to get clean and stop smoking weed. For this here drug detox pills review.

What are the best drug detox pills?

If anyone ask me about detox pills for drug test I always recommend Toxin Rid I recommend it because its good and I know it works, not because I get some comission. Toxin rid is the only detox pill on the market what actually helps you to get rid of THC and other drug metabolites.

The best thing in Toxin Rid is, that its fast, its much faster than other supplements. Some detox capsules require at least two weeks before you see any results (results are not guaranteed of course- no money back).

drug detox pills

What is the best detox program of Toxin Rid

Toxin requires 7-10 days for the best results, but they also have 5 days detox program, I wouldn’t suggest anything under 5 days, because its not enough. You can use Toxin Rid’s one day detox program as a supplement for your detox drink (Mega clean, rescue cleanse). Toxin Rid 10 days detox is the best value for the money, if you feel 10 days is not enough because you are a hardcore smoker, then you can purchase extra days on discounted price.

To enchane Toxin Rid’s effectiveness I highly suggest to start a natural daetoxing plan in the same time, which contains: Healthy diet, doing exercises regularly and drinking as much water as possible. These will help you to get rid of THC much much faster than with just Toxin Rid. If you are looking for some more info you can check out some Toxin Rid reviews. Its not a paid review, I highly suggest you to check out their site because its legit and the owner is an admin on various marijuana forums.

Worst drug detox pills – Products you should avoid

I really don’t like to trash products, but there are a few what are plain terrible, you will never pass any drug test with thos drug detox pills. They shouldn’t call them detox pills, green supplement of something like that would be better. These are jus t simple herbal extracts, they might be good for your health (or not), but they have nothing to with detoxing. These products also encourage you to do your own natural detox, but the reason is because they hope that you will detox yourself alone without their magic pills.

There are a few brands what failed so many times, but for some reasons they are still available to buy, these are the following drug detox pills:

  • Total Herbal cleanse THC
  • Ace Rapid detox
  • Alple Clear
  • Power Flush
  • Recovery clear
  • Herbal Clean premium detox

Avoid these products at all cost. You should also do your own research do not rely on my detox pill reviews only. YOu can watch youtube videos or read marijuana forums where other drug users share their experience. In my next article I will review a few detox drinks or we can call them “cleansing drinks”.